Tuesday, 28 October 2008


I just got done leaving a message for the resourcing officer at Starbucks UK. I had applied for a position at their Head Office last Tuesday through their career website. Hopefully I will hear something back soon. I applied for the Executive Assistant position and I think it would be a good place to start building a career with them.

It was the first time that I've applied for a position through an online application form. I am a bit skeptical about the process. I hope my application isn't just sitting in someone's spam folder waiting to be deleted. Must think positive.

The one nice thing about London is that most of the major advertising agencies have graduate schemes. Similar to the programs offered at Campbell Mithun or Fallon. I am working on applying for all of them and the deadlines are all coming up one after another. I have applied for Ogilvy's fellowship program and I would love to get that. Love, love, love. It is a really cool program and you are part of the fellowship for three years. Take a look at the website, it has a lot of useful information. Some good career advice and a nice reading list.

The deadline was for that one was this past Sunday. The hardest part is the waiting. Due to the huge amount of applications the server went down and now they've extended the deadline by one more week. So those who submitted applications between Friday and Sunday can reapply. I suppose it's only fair, but it means waiting even longer.

I also should mention that I went to a graduate fair that was put on by the Guardian,
a London newspaper. It was alright. I wasn't too interested in the companies that were there, but it was good to get out there. I brought business cards and managed to give one away. The best part was a panel discussion called Media Movers and Shakers, Marketing Career Opportunities. It was interesting and for me it was good to be able to get some names of people to contact. Yes, to cold call.....

After the panel was over I spoke briefly with a woman who worked for MediaCom and asked if I could email her and ask her some questions. She was very friendly and agreed, she even graciously took my card. The following day I sent her an email and my CV and asked if she would so kind and take a look. True to her word she did and gave me some useful feedback.

So now I am working to revise my American resume and make it more English. That's what I am doing today.

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