Thursday, 30 October 2008


The other night I went out with Matthew and his work mates. We went a comedy gig at place called the Ginglik, it's a premiere nightspot located in an old Victorian toilet beneath Shepherd's Bush green. I was talking to a few people about my job search and they had plenty of stories to share. 

My favorites were the ones where they were looking for six months to find a job. Six months....big old sigh from me. I was thinking about it today, there is no reason that I shouldn't be able to get an awesome job. Coming from that cutting edge program at MCAD. 

Yesterday I went to work on my application to AMV BBDO at Whole Foods. I have found that if I don't get out I tend to go a bit stir crazy. It was a nice change of scenery and I managed to get a bit of work done. It's good to get out there and remind yourself that life is still going on even though you are out of work and don't have any money. You know it's not really the money. It's working on cool stuff, that's what I miss. I was having a moment the other day and I just said out loud to myself, I want to work so bad. I am hoping that I can use that as a unique selling point. Look out future employers, I am dying to work. I'll be there 12 hours a day. Happy to work and be creative. 

I asked a few of my friends if they would take a look at my CV and I haven't heard from anyone yet.... I wonder if that's because it is so awesome that nothing needs to be changed. Let's hope so. I also sent off a reply to the lady at MediaCom with my revised CV. Hopefully she will be able to look at it. Funny enough my flatmate worked there, his last day is this Friday. I thought about using him as a reference, but it might be dodgy. He's a great guy, but well... you get my drift.

Today, I am going to finish my application for AMV BBDO and start the next one. My dream is to get the Ogilvy fellowship. Now that would be more like it.


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  1. Hi there - just stumbled across your blog after the twitter follow.

    Liking the blog thus far. Keep it up, and let us (ad grads et al) know how you get on.

    Who've you heard back from so far?


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