Sunday, 17 April 2011

Where I've lived

My friend and fellow blogger Mary mentioned that she's lived a lot of places since university. It got me thinking about all the places that I've lived in my life. I've been thinking a lot recently about the concept of home and what home means.

Here's a list of all the places that I've lived.

  • Birth - 18 years old
  1. House of St Paul Avenue ( Highland Park, St Paul) - house I came home to after I was born.
  2. House near Cretin ( Highland Park, St Paul) - house we lived in when I was a toddler.
  3. House on Norfolk Ave ( Highland Park, St Paul) - house we lived in until I was in 2nd grade.
  4. House on Ottawa Ave (West St. Paul) - house we lived in until I was in 4th grade.
  5. Linda Trap's House (West St. Paul) - where I lived for two weeks when my mom got sick.
  6. Dennis and Peggy's House (West St. Paul) - I stayed there at night when I lived on Ottawa after my mom got sick and went into the hospital.
  7. Gorman Ave (West St. Paul) - where I lived from 4th grade to 7th grade
  8. 43rd and Upton (Minneapolis) - apartment I lived in with my mom and her friend Carol for a few months.
  9. Selby Ave (Cathedral Hill, St. Paul) apartment where I lived with my mom from 7th grade until 8th grade.
  10. Scheffer Ave (Highland Park, St. Paul) Grandma's house where my dad lived after my parents separated. I lived there from 8th grade until the middle of 9th grade.
  11. Angie Roder's family (Minneapolis) I lived with Angie's family in two different houses during 9th and 10th grade.
  12. Arts High School (Golden Valley) I lived in the dorms during 11th grade.
  13. Scheffer Ave (Highland Park, St Paul) I lived there for part of the summer after 11th grade.
  14. Molly Roark's family (Blaine) I lived there during 12th grade.
  15. Dennis and Peggy's House ( West St. Paul) I lived there for the summer after 12th grade.

After the age of 18

  1. Randolph Ave (Highland Park, St Paul) - My first apartment when I was 18 years old. I lived alone for awhile and then Angie moved in with me.
  2. Cleveland Ave (Highland Park, St Paul) I lived there with a roommate when I was 19.
  3. Norfolk, VA - Apartment withTroy.
  4. Suffolk, VA. - Apartment with Amy.
  5. Suffolk, VA. - Moved in with Chris and his family
  6. Suffolk, VA - Apt with Chris.
  7. Randolf Ave (Highland Park, St Paul) - Moved there with Chris.
  8. Stevens Ave (Minneapolis) - Apartment with Paul.
  9. Purity Bakery Building (Minneapolis) - Apartment with Karey Degnan.
  10. Aldrich Ave (Minneapolis) - Apartment with Raya.
  11. Aldrich Ave (Minneapolis) - Apartment with Gina.
  12. 2nd Ave (Minneapolis) - My own apartment.
  13. Pleasant Ave (Minneapolis) - Apartment with Dave.

London 2007

  1. Bethnal Green (Student accommodation London) shared.
  2. (Chiswick, London) Matthew and Wayland.
  3. (Shepherds Bush, London) Matthew and Wayland, Ian and Alice.
  4. (Brixton, London) - Just Matthew

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