Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Getting Married to a British Man

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It's coming up to my one year wedding anniversary. I can hardly believe that a year has almost gone by since that fantastic day in Las Vegas. Matthew and I got married on August 30th, 2008 and we've been very happy. 

I wanted to write some posts about what it was like marrying someone from another country. There was a lot of stress about applying for visas, thinking about living in another country, planning a wedding, not knowing how to go about everything and real fear about it all going wrong with me not being able to be with Matthew in England.

I spent a lot of time reading message boards and blogs trying to find hope in other people's experiences. I would find myself drawn to the stories where everything did go wrong and it would send me into a tailspin of what ifs. It was horrible, also considering that I was working part time and had many hours to trawl the internet to find evidence that things wouldn't work out. 

The good news is that in spite of my fears (mainly due to the fact that a lot of what I was experiencing was unknown) things worked out very well. I wanted to share my story with other soon to be ex-pat brides and let them know that it can all turn out happily ever after. So I will be writing a series of posts about what it was like a year ago when I was getting ready to tie the knot and start a new life in England. 


  1. Good idea! Im sure a lot of expats would be interested to hear more about your experiences--no doubt you'll inspire people to recount some of theirs! Looking forward to the rest of the series...

  2. I got sucked into all those horror stories as well on the message boards and forums. I just KNEW I was going to get rejected, despite the fact that we had a pretty clear cut application. Thankfully, it did turn out the way we wanted, and I've been in the UK for 4 months now. I look forward to reading more about your story.

  3. Always interesting reading about other people's experiences moving to the UK! Just randomed by and thought I'd say hi.

  4. myself being a newly-wed (less than half a year) and moving across the pond to the UK, i look forward to more posts!

  5. Hi there, I am an expat from London currently living in Spain. I just love it here. . . needed to get away from London and all its stressors. It's my first visit to your blog and, as an expat, I'm very much looking forward to following in your journey. Pop in and see what I'm up to at Gloria's Spanish View whenever you have a spare moment . . . by the way. . . congrats . . I'm your twentieth follower!!!!!!

  6. Was the language barrier an issue?

  7. Hello!

    Wow I am Minneapolis girl toO! aWESOME
    I am actually working on saving for a post study visa (I actually just lived in York for 10 months completing my MA degree). I really want to live over in England and I have been seeing this English chap.

    Sad you haven't had a more recent blog. You should look into Twitter. Great blog community there too

  8. lol Taylor - haha yessss for me n my British hubby it sometimes is - like evvvery day! He's from up Northern way, and has a thick sexy English accent that drives me wild. He just translates for me when necessary! xx

  9. Hi!
    I'm from Iowa and I'm trying to figure out how to marry my English boyfriend. I find a lot of the visa stuff confusing. Could you please tell me how and what you have to do to marry a British citizen? Would greatly be appreciated!
    Thanks so much!


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